The New Heed User Interface!

Today, we are happy to announce the release of our new Heed sending and management User Interfaces, which have been made available in our new 6.10 release. As this is a big change to a key component of the application the update will not happen automatically, so we will be gradually rolling the update out to our customers over the coming weeks.

So what has changed?

Improved Create Heed Wizard

We have massively simplified the create Heed wizard with it now only having two steps! An improved Heed type selector allows you to search and select the type of Heed that you would like to send with ease.

The first step is all about setting up your Heed, entering the values of your attributes and selecting  your moderators.

The second step is where you enter the details of the notification, which include the content and the recipients.

Our documentation provides a greater insight into how to use the new wizard.

Recipient view

Previously, when a recipient was viewing a Heed, it would only show the content of the most recent notification and it was not clear whether they were looking at the Heed or just the most recent notification from that Heed. The new recipient view now makes that distinction clear, with a list of all notifications they have received as part of that Heed along with any required actions. 

Moderator View

Am I moderating a Heed or am I just a recipient? There was not a clear enough distinction with the previous UI that you were a moderator of a Heed. With the new Moderator View, we have separated the moderator actions from those of a recipient. We have also added a new Notify option, which allows you to send a new notification to the recipients without the need to update the Heed.